Christmas menu
From November 16th we will celebrate Christmas Eve every evening

We have two menus
The first is a social experience which is spread throughout our kitchen.
The second is a meal put together by you, where the whole table helps to choose from
our sharing-friendly plates with fish, seafood, meat and greens.

Social experience menu
A table filled with the chef’s recommended portions of plates.

Lobster samosa with butternut squash & tomato
Scallop au gratin with spinach & hollandaise
Langoustine salad with apple & celeriac
Glazed chicken wings in honey & Dijon
Mushroom toast with pickled chanterelles & watercress
Duck rilette with lingon berries & tarragon mustard
Breast of pork braised in Christmas beer with confit red cabbage & blanquette sauce
Christmas salad & Tuscany kale with orange & crispy pork
Rice pudding with cherry sorbet & caramelized almonds



Cotes de boeuf
135 per person (minimum for 2)

Christmas cheeses with plums pickled in port & caramelized rye bread

Fresh winter truffle

A la carte
All the plates are designed to share in snack size.
We recommend you to start with 6 plates, when you are two.

Vegetarian, fish & shellfish
Gratinated thyme tomatoes with olive oil & piment d´espelette 85
Fries with herbal salt 60
Truffle fries with Comte cheese 65
Mushroom toast with pickled chantarelles & watercress 135
Breaded & fried celeriac with sage creme 85
Endive, Tuscany kale, orange & crispy pork 85 (not vegetarian)
2, 4 or 6 oysters, natural or soy & sesame 70, 120, 170
Langoustine salad with apples, celeriac & green mayo 125
Gratinated scallops with sauce hollandaise & local cheese 135
Baked cod with leek & sauce of tomatoes/bell peppers 210
20gr Oscietra Imperial caviar toasted bread & creme fraiche 245

Chicken wings glazed in honey & Dijon mustard 80
Duck rilette with grilled focaccia & lingon berries 95
Sliders with crispy chicken, truffle mayo & chipotle salsa (2 pcs) 100
Sliders with pulled pork, cole slaw & barbecue (2 stk.) 100
Tatare with juniper & cep 125
Pork breast braised in Christmas beer, red cabbage confit & blanquette sauce 195
600 gr. Cote de boeuf  & red wine sauce 495

Cheese & desserts
Cheeses with crispy rye bread & plums in port 120
Vanilla ice cream & cherry sorbet with salted caramel & oat crumle 75
Rice pudding with burned almonds & cherry sorbet 85
Gateau Marcel with pickled sea buckthorn, vanilla ice cream & cocoa 85

We reserve the right to make changes to the menu

Please ask the staff about allergens.
When paying with company card or credit-, debit card registered outside EU a fee of 1,89% is charged.

Opening hours

Dinner from Monday-Saturday 17.00-02.00 (latest)
Breakfast from Monday Friday 06.30-10.00, Saturday Sunday 07.00-10.30
Brunch Saturday and Sunday from 11.00 to 15.00

We look forward to seeing you. And you can look forward to seeing the view. Stop by and share the food, the joy and the view.