Brunch every weekend from 11-14:30

Treat your self to our classic brunch
with extra options such as oysters, caviar or truffle.

Every brunch reservation has a time limit of 105.
I you wish to have a longer stay, send an e-mail to Plates at

Let’s raise our glass
Our winelist isn’t super large, but we have a careful selection, and it reaches far and wide. Ask the waiter for the list of our wine cellar for something special.

The bar in the sky

Enjoy a heavenly cocktail or one of the classics at our sky bar, which is more elegant than most. The bar is located at the 17th floor and has binoculars for anyone who would like a closer look at the undeniably gorgeous view. 

A table for a party of 10 or more

We make a virtue in making an atmosphere fitting for your business meeting, or family dinner. You’re in charge of the guestlist and we’ll handle the rest.

Need a place to sleep? Then we’re sure they would love to help at A Place To Hotel Esbjerg 

Opening hours

Dinner from Monday-Saturday 17.00-02.00 (latest)
Breakfast from Monday Friday 06.30-10.00, Saturday Sunday 07.00-10.30
Brunch Saturday and Sunday from 11.00 to 15.00

We look forward to seeing you. And you can look forward to seeing the view. Stop by and share the food, the joy and the view.